Don’t Miss out on Dry Cleaning

Many professional carpet cleaners pass on “Dry Clean Only” upholstery and other fabrics.  If your business is passing on these items, you are possibly missing out on a few thousand dollars of extra profit per year!

Dry cleaning fabrics is quick and easy when you use the right product.  Check out DryMax by CleanCraft.  DryMax is two products in one: “Dry Cleaning Solvent” and a “Solvent POG.”   Many carpet cleaners already use a solvent product for getting out paint, oils, grease, etc.  However, these POG’s are not cut out for the job of dry cleaning.   DryMax does both!   Plus, DryMax will do a GREAT JOB at both.

Using DryMax is simple:

As a POG – Use a solvent proof spray bottle.  First, pre-clean the area as usual.  Then spray DryMax on stain/substance.  If sticky substance like: make-up, gum, wax, etc… take an old spoon or scraper and rub the product in loosening the sticky substance.  Then rinse & extract the area clean.

As a Dry Cleaning Solvent – Use a solvent proof spray bottle.  First, vacuum the upholstery, drapery, or other material you are about to clean.  Using a dusting brush attachment to vacuum will help remove dust & dirt.  Spray DryMax on a small section of the fabric and wipe down with a microfiber towel.  Continue this process until you are done with all the fabric.  Lastly, post vacuum the fabric again.  DryMax will clean the fabric instantaneously and allow the colors to “pop” back out.

DryMax is safe and will not cause any shrinkage of fabric.  If you have been missing out on dry cleaning income, perhaps it is time to look at our DryMax product?

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Thinking, Analyzing, & Growing

2017 is already here.  Another year is history.  Looking back over the last year of your business, how did you do?  Did you grow?  Were you stagnate?   The new year is a good time to analyze your business.  Unfortunately, too many small business owners don’t take the time to analyze their business.  Just because it produces a profit and continues to grow doesn’t mean that things can’t be even better with a little thinking & strategy.

Here are a couple items to think about that could help your business grow in 2017:

  • Greening your Business – We don’t mean changing your color scheme… we mean becoming more environmentally friendly! Let’s be honest…  it really doesn’t matter if you care about the environment or not.  The fact is that a large percentage of your customer base does.  Why not cater to this group?  You can start with your cleaning chemical.  CleanCraft makes a product called Code: Green that is EPA “Safer Choice” approved for its environmental & health aspects.  Also, if you are still running a truck mount, it may be time to look at the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.  With it’s 3 and 4 vacuum motor models, the Eclipse was made with truck mount power; so, you can make the better environmental move without sacrificing power & quality.  In fact, with Code: Green & the Eclipse, most companies see better cleaning performance, better ROI and profitability in their company, and a healthier & happier workforce and customer base.
  • Diversification – Whether you like it or not, your competition is offering more & more services. Don’t let your customer base contact your competition to use their additional services.  Time & time again, businesses loose existing customers not because of pricing & quality, but because the customer has built a relationship with another company that offered a service they needed at the time.  Think about it.  A customer used you for carpet cleaning last year, but used XXXXX’s carpet cleaning company for Air Duct Cleaning last month.  The next time the customer needs carpet cleaning, you better believe that XXXXX’s company left brochures and is fresh in the customer’s mind.  Perhaps it is time for your business to provide additional services?  Take a look at our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System.  When you purchase this system, we hold your hand along the way.  Our training video makes it easy to learn.  We also have a Network free to join that allows us to pass you jobs (yes, actual jobs, not leads) !!!!
  • Website – Is your business keeping up with the times? Do you have a website for your business?  If not, come on, it is 2017!  You need a website for your business.  Look around.  Everyone is asking their phone for something.   OK Google, carpet cleaning in XXXXXX town.  Hey Siri, find carpet cleaners in XXXXXX town.   Guess what.  If you don’t have a website, you aren’t going to be found.   Don’t know how to do it?  No problem.  CleanCraft builds & hosts websites that are professionally & strategically made for carpet cleaning businesses.  In fact, you don’t even need to know how to use a computer to have a website.  Give us a call to discuss.
  • Marketing – Many small businesses start off with a marketing strategy. This is great!  However, more often than not, small businesses let their marketing strategy die as their business grows.  This happens because marketing takes time, and as the business grows, the business owner has less & less time.  This is unfortunate, because every lost customer can mean multiple lost jobs.  Take into account repeat & referral jobs over the years, and that one customer became much more valuable!  CleanCraft has many marketing products & programs that can “Freshen” your approach to marketing without taking a large amount of time.  Check out our MARKETING page for a list of all the products we have.  A simple program to follow is our “1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch.”   See how the right approach to using Door Hangers & Referral Cards can work together to provide amazing results!

Don’t let another year slip by doing the same old, same old.  Revisit your business with a whole new outlook and look back to 2017 as the year that made a difference in your business!

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Remind your Customers!

Wouldn’t it be great if all customers had on their calendar that it has been a year since their last carpet cleaning, and it is time for another cleaning?  Unfortunately, sometimes this is on the bottom of the totem pole for many customers.  Too many other items are on their agenda, and time always seems to fly by too quickly.

This is where you come in to play.  You already have a relationship with your past customers.  So, be proactive in getting them to call you again.  Many customers need a gentle reminder to give them a little “nudge” to pick-up the phone and call.  A “Reminder card” is the perfect way to inform your customer that it has already been a year since the last cleaning.

CleanCraft offers professionally designed Reminder Postcards ready to go.  Just address, mail, & wait for the call.  Plus, the postcards are very inexpensive and dimensionally designed to quality for the reduced “postcard stamp” postage (cheaper than mailing a letter).  We even make a suggestion on how to use these Reminder Cards, so you have a consistent approach to using them.   So, check them out, and start being proactive at getting repeat business!


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Customer Acquisition Costs

Customer acquisition is one of your most important costs.  What is “customer acquisition cost”?  It is the cost of getting (acquiring) new customers.   Many people look at “costs” as bad and “revenue” as good.  However, there are such things as good costs!  Think about it, you can spend $0.00 in costs acquiring new customers in year, and you can get 50 new customers by word of mouth.   Wow, that is great.  It cost you $0.00 to get 50 new customers.  Well, what if you spent $3000 getting new customers and got 100 new customers instead?   Sure, 50 @ $0 is less costly per customer than 100 @ $3000.   However, the 50 extra customers you got spending $3000 probably brought you in another $10,000 in revenue this year (avg $200 per customer).   So, by being so “smart” by spending $0 actually cost you $7,000 ($10,000 rev. – $3000 costs).

Don’t forget, the 50 extra customers will most likely be repeat customers for years to come.  So, really, by spending $0 on customer acquisition this year, you may have lost tens of thousands of dollars in years to come!

Whether your business is large or small, continued growth relies on customer acquisition.  Don’t look at customer acquisition as a “cost” but an “investment” in your business.

OK, you are interested in acquiring new customers.  How do you do it?   CleanCraft can help!  Here are a couple ways to acquire new customers:

Business Website:  Too many businesses don’t have a website.  A huge percentage of people find information by doing a search on the web.  In fact, most of these people just ask their phone!!!!   If you don’t have a website, your chances of being found are smaller.   CleanCraft can help you get on the web cheap & simple (we do all the work for you).  Starting at $299 !!!   Check out our Website Building page.

Marketing Products:   CleanCraft has marketing products that will help you acquire new customers.  Simple items like business cards, strategic items like Referral Cards and Door Hangers (check out our 1-2 Marketing Knockout Punch article), to plain old Postcard Printing & Mailing.  Let CleanCraft help you acquire new customers with beautifully designed, professional products at a price you can’t beat!

Diversification:  You can also acquire new customers by offering services you currently do not offer.  You have heard us talk about Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning forever.  Each air duct job is big money in your pocket.  Check out our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System.  Plus, CleanCraft can even help you acquire new customers with this equipment.  We developed a NETWORK where we will market in your area and pass you paying jobs.  This is exciting….call us for more information on this.

Don’t be a $0 company.  Make sure you invest for growth and new customer acquisition.  Feel free to give us a call.  We are here to help you grow!

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More Janitorial Items

This last month, you may have noticed a slight restructure of our Janitorial Supplies on  We have added thousands of additional items to our website.  With these product additions, we have re-categorized our “Janitorial Supplies” category into four separate categories:   Janitorial & Sanitation, Food Service, Industrial Tools & Supplies, and Office Supplies.  This will help customers locate the items of interest to them.

If you purchase janitorial supplies, office supplies, industrial supplies, or food service products, check out our new online offering.  We are sure to have the product you are looking for.

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Commercial Grade Pre-Spray Gentle enough for Residential Carpets

There are some harsh Pre-Sprays out there.  Many of these products are not only harsh on the carpet, but harsh on your body as well!  If you haven’t taken a look at Power Pro Plus yet, perhaps now is a good time.

Power Pro Plus was designed to be a commercial grade Pre-Spray that quickly cuts through grease & heavy soils while safe for both commercial & residential carpets.  Plus, Power Pro Plus conforms with the strictest VOC requirements for a healthier home/business.

If you clean offices, schools, restaurants, nasty apartments, etc., you may want to take a look at Power Pro Plus to boost your cleaning power!

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Diversify for Growth

Image you are a homeowner looking for cleaning services.  You want carpet, upholstery, & air duct cleaning done.  You start calling around.  You find 3 companies that do carpet & upholstery cleaning and 2 companies that do air duct cleaning.  You need to take time off your busy schedule to have these cleaning services, but you don’t want to take 2 days off to do it.  You decide to make one last call and find a company that does all three:  carpet, upholstery, & air duct cleaning.  Who do you think you would hire?   Most homeowners would hire the company that does all three.  It is a simple choice.  One company can come in and knock out all three cleaning services in one day and you only have to deal with one company for scheduling, payment, etc.

This is a real scenario that happens every day.  Whether it is these three services, or another three services, customers want a company that can do it all.  More families have both spouses working today than any other point in history.  People do not have time to hire multiple companies.

Today, small businesses need to think about diversification to grow their business.  Many smaller & one-man operations are hesitant to start a new service, because they do not like entering new territory.  However, diversification is a must in today’s world.

Luckily, CleanCraft is here to help.   We have helped thousands of small businesses diversify their cleaning service offerings.  We can even help you identify which service to add:    air duct cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, drapery cleaning, lamp shades, etc.

One of our most popular diversification topics is air duct cleaning.  Check out our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System.  See how this system can add big $$$ to your bottom line, plus open up opportunities for customer growth.

Give us a call to discuss any thoughts you may have on business diversification.  We are here to help!

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Business Cards – A Carpet Cleaning Necessity

Store, kid’s school function, sporting event, church, restaurant, BBQ…  what do all these places have in common?  These are all places you missed the opportunity to pickup a new customer.  How many times have you been in a conversation about “What you do” at one of these locations?  How many times have you been stuck without a business card?  Every time you miss an opportunity to hand a business card is a potential lost job.

Don’t get stuck without a professional looking business card that will get you work!  CleanCraft offers custom business cards for an amazing  price.  These are FRONT & BACK full COLOR business cards.  The front gives your company & personal info.  The back can be used to advertise something (ie. room special, free gift, etc).

Take a look at the business cards to choose from.  Not only will you love the price, but you will love the professionalism it gives your business!

See all Business Cards here.

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Make Leap Year the Year You Save Time

2016 is a Leap Year.  See the date of this writing….  2/29/16.  We get one extra day this year.  What will you do with it?  Time is precious; not only in life, but also for the operation of your business.   Perhaps 2016 (Leap Year) will be the year you re-evaluate the time spent in your business.

One of the best ways to save time and be more productive is in labor savings.  Did you know that most carpet cleaners waste 1000’s of minutes each year in “Pre-Spraying” alone?   Think about it… let’s say you have an 8 room home to clean, and it takes 4 minutes to effectively pre-spray each room.  That is 32 minutes of pre-spray time.   Now, let’s convert this to MONEY.   Let’s say your goal is $60/hour of revenue.  That means every minute is worth a $1.00 in revenue.  So, your technician wasted $32.00 on the above mentioned job in pre-spray time.   Now, multiple this by the 2 jobs your technician had each day by the 5 days of work each week by 50 weeks (we will give the tech 2 weeks off in a year) and that equals $16,000 in wasted pre-spray time!    Wow!!!!  You can see how time becomes the most costly factor to your business.

So, how can you make this time more efficient?  One simple way is to take a look at our product called Code: Green.  We made Code: Green to be an “All-in-One” cleaning agent.  What does this mean?  It means, you can use it has a pre-spray, an in-tank cleaning solution, and a spot & stain remover.  This also means you no longer need to “pre-spray” the whole room down and waste 32 minutes in an 8 room home.   With Code: Green, you only pre-spray the center traffic area.  Then, you run Code: Green in your extractor (portable or truck mount) and actually clean with the product!  This means every stroke you take with the wand has cleaning power behind it…. Not just rinsing.    You can also use Code: Green as a spot & stain remover when you come across bad stains that need extra help.   You see, Code: Green is neutral pH and leaves no residue (it actually eats residue).  So, Code: Green will save you tons of time.

Let’s put Code: Green time savings into MONEY!   In the above scenario, you could cut down 4 minute pre-spray time in a room down to 0:30min (30 seconds), because you only pre-spray the center traffic area.  So, 8 rooms x 0:30min = 4 minutes total pre-spray time.  This is down from 32 minutes!!!!   That means you saved 28 min on that job, which is $28 in savings.  Now multiply (2 jobs each day x 5 days week x 50 weeks) = $14,000 in savings.   You will notice you have only $2000 in wasted pre-spray time in a year vs. $16,000.  That is a savings of $14,000 each year.

Now, the $14,000 savings is only realized if you can do something with that time.  Meaning, you can book another smaller job each day, use the time to market your business, etc.

As you can see, time slips away quickly.   By recognizing a better product and better way to do things, you can put time on your side and use it to produce more efficient cleaning and more profit in your business.   Perhaps this Leap Year, you can give Code: Green a try.  Why, not… we just gave you the time!     🙂

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Want Extra Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Jobs?

We are excited to announce the start of a new program that passes work to companies that have purchased the SpinVax 1000XT or SpinDuct air duct cleaning systems from CleanCraft Products, Inc.  Over the years, hundreds of companies have purchased the SpinVax 1000XT and SpinDuct air duct cleaning systems from CleanCraft.  Many of these businesses are enjoying increased revenues & profits by now offering air duct and dryer vent cleaning services.  Now, CleanCraft looks to make it even busier for these companies with the start of a new “Network.”   Owners of the SpinVax 1000XT or SpinDuct can get free membership into this Network.  The Network will work with the business owner by offering free marketing & scheduling services.  The Network will actually book work in the business owner’s service area, and pass the job on to the business owner to complete. This is not a “lead service” but an actual job scheduling service!  The best part is that it doesn’t cost a thing to join for the SpinVax 1000XT or SpinDuct owner.  There is only a commission cost after the job has been completed.  So the business owner doesn’t pay anything until after he has made his money!

If you are a current owner of the SpinVax 1000XT or SpinDuct system, or looking to purchase one of these systems, give us a call to discuss how this Network can work for you!

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