A Safer Choice in Cleaning Solutions

As a professional carpet cleaner, excellent results are at the top of the list for expectations of your cleaning solutions.  However, shouldn’t the health & safety of you, your employees, and your customers be on the top as well?

Today, many carpet cleaning chemicals out there are still pretty harsh.  Day in & day out, professional carpet cleaners are around chemicals.  More so than the average person!  Safety should always be a concern.  CleanCraft’s brand of chemicals follow guidelines for lower VOC (Volatile organic compounds) concentrations, safer pH levels, and reduced chemical confusion with multi-purpose products.  Plus, our Code: Green All-in-One Cleaning Agent goes above & beyond with the EPA’s awarded “Safer Choice Program.”

What does this EPA program mean?  The EPA looks at a product’s ingredients, performance, pH, and packaging to ensure the product is safer for people, the environment, and aquatic life.   Code: Green meets the qualifications of this program to offer these safer qualities.  Plus, Code: Green provides the EXCELLENT results you expect in a cleaning solution.

Code: Green is an “All-in-One” cleaning agent.  This means it can be used as your pre-spray, in-tank cleaning solution & rinse, and your spot & stain remover.  One product for everything!  This will cause less confusion and make training your techs easier; plus, it will save you time & money!  If you are looking to make your cleaning operations safer, cleaner, & faster, perhaps it is time to check out Code: Green.

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Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business

If you know CleanCraft’s history, you know that we are a family run company founded by carpet cleaners.  Our family has run carpet cleaning businesses for over 50 years.  With this experience, we have learned a thing or two…   We thought we would share strategies that have helped our businesses grow over the years.  So, we made our Business Growth Series.

CleanCraft’s Business Growth Series was put together to help entrepreneurs in the carpet cleaning industry grow their business. Whether you are a new startup or a seasoned veteran, this Business Growth Series will help your business expand! This series takes you through different topics, which gives ideas, tools, & products that can help your company increase sales and profits.

Check it out.  A great read that can help your business!

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Eclipse Benefits in Cold Winter

Wow, it is cold today.  The “Polar Vortex” is here.  Woke up to -53 degF wind chill this morning!   This reminded me how glad I am that all of our carpet cleaning businesses we own operate the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor instead of truck mounted units.

I can’t tell you how many carpet cleaning business owners I speak to that just live with the fact that they will not be cleaning too much carpet in the dead of winter.  They turn down jobs left and right, because it is too much effort “un-winterize” their truck mount for a quick carpet cleaning job.   The companies that are a little bigger pay a fortune in rent for a warehouse large enough to park all their company trucks in a temperature controlled area.

With the Eclipse, businesses have the luxury of just bringing the machine inside to keep warm.  Whether the business is an “owner-operator” that just brings it inside the home, or a larger company that has 15 units and can easily fit all 15 Eclipse units in a smaller temperature controlled area.  Either way, the convenience and costs saving are tremendous.

As a carpet cleaning business owner, perhaps it is time to look at the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.  This machine gives the benefits of a portable with the power of a truck mount!

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Your own Online Video Commercial = Business Growth

You have probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, we are going to say that a video is worth a million!  People don’t have time to read now days…  Our history has shown us that a video can capture the attention of potential customers and help deliver a message that plain old words cannot portray.  However, it takes a lot of work and money to produce a good quality video.  What if CleanCraft can help you do this… for Free!

Online Video Commercial

CleanCraft has produced an online video commercial that you can use on your website to help sell carpet cleaning services.  This video is guaranteed* to help grow your business!  It was designed to show your potential customers why your company is the best choice for carpet cleaning services in your area.  It was developed to showcase your equipment, safer cleaning solutions, and technician quality & guarantee.  How is this showcased?  Simple, if you have purchased an Eclipse Extractor from us and use Code: Green, we already know that you provide better quality and safer cleaning than many others.  Thus, we want to reward you for these choices with a free video that you can use.  You can visit https://www.cleancraft.com/VideoUsage_a/393.htm for more details and requirements that must be met to use the video.

If you do not have an Eclipse Extractor or use Code: Green on your cleaning jobs, check out the video and see why it makes sense to start.  Pretend you are a “homeowner” looking to get your carpets cleaned.  Does the video make sense?  Would it persuade you to choose the company that had this video on their website?  Be honest, and take your current cleaning equipment & chemicals out of the picture.  Most likely you will come to the conclusion that it makes good sense, and it would increase sales.  Perhaps it is time to start looking at the Eclipse Extractor and use of Code: Green?

This is just another example of how CleanCraft not only provides better equipment & cleaning solutions, but provides services to help your business grow!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We know this video will help grow your business, in fact, we guarantee* it!


Guarantee* – See https://www.cleancraft.com/VideoUsage_a/393.htm for guarantee.

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Updated Eclipse Webpage & Video

As announced a few months ago, the Eclipse has been updated in 2018 to with some new enhancements & features.  It took us a little while, but we have also now updated our Eclipse webpage and YouTube video on the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.

If you have been in the market for a new extractor, make sure you check out the updated webpage and video.  The webpage & video goes over the existing features of the Eclipse plus the new features & enhancements made in 2018.

Plus, you will not want to miss the bonus you get when you purchase the Eclipse.  Hint:  It has to do with CleanCraft giving you free marketing to increasing your business.  CleanCraft actually guarantees that the purchase of the Eclipse used in conjunction with the bonus material will increase your sales.   Make sure you check out this BONUS and Guarantee on the Eclipse webpage.

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Upgraded Eclipse in 2018

Earlier in 2018, CleanCraft implemented improvements on the Eclipse.  Just like a car, every few years improvements are made.   However, in 2018, we made some big improvements to the Eclipse extractor.  The new versions of the Eclipse are shipping now, but you may not see the new webpage and online video until sometime in September.

Here are a couple NEW features the Eclipse has in 2018:

  • Taller Base for easier slide in/out of tray – Maintenance is even easier on this machine!
  • 4-Fan Forced Venting System – Keeps the inside cooler for better performance
  • Improved Rear Wheels – We know portables take a beating over the years. We have gone to a heavy-duty, non-marking wheel that provides better stability, mobility, and huge capacity to prevent any kind of breakage.
  • Quick Exchange Parts – All internal components where made for quick exchange. Whether it is male/female terminals at each electric point for easy disconnect without cutting wires, new & improved vacuum motor mounts, or easier access to internal parts the Eclipse has become the easiest portable to maintain!
  • Wand Improvement – The Eclipse is sold with a Stainless Steel, S-Bend Wand that contains 2 Tee Jets with Filters. The filters make it easy to clean and less likely to clog jets.
  • Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto’s – Rather than building the Auto Fill, Chemical Feed, and Auto Dump options into the Eclipse, we now sell them after market.  Meaning, you can decide you want them later, and easily snap them right onto the Eclipse.  How cool is this!

Obviously, the Eclipse includes all the other great features you love:

  • Power – 3 & 4 vacuum motor models
  • Dual Heater available – Gives you flexibility on poorly wired homes
  • Pump Options – 220psi or our most popular 500psi adjustable pump
  • Back Placement of Hoses – Easy access
  • Switches on Handle – Easy access
  • Circuit Indicator Light – Let’s you know you are on separate circuits.
  • Dump Hose vs. Lift Gate – Hose prevents leaks and provides better seal
  • Pump Float Switch – Automatically shuts off the pump when out of water
  • Drop-in Dry Filter – Allows dry vacuuming with Eclipse
  • ReRoute By-Pass Technology – The only extractor to have this technology.  Used with the By-Pass Pump Box, it is like having a backup system built inside!
  • & lots more…

If you have been in the hunt for the best extractor, the Eclipse just made the best even better!

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Spring = Green = $$$$

Now that Spring weather is upon us, the outside looks green.  Leaves have sprouted on the trees, the grass has greened up from the rain & sun, and hopefully your carpet cleaning business has seen more green cash since spring has started!

Staying on the “Green” topic; what has your company done to put a better environmental health aspect to your business?  Marketing your “Green” can actually produce more $$$$ in your pocket.  Let’s face it, whether you care about the environment or not isn’t the point… your customers do care!  It is all about the customer.  Marketing that you use safer products and cleaner energy equipment can actually make an impact on your sales.

Here are a couple actions you can take to “green up” your business:

  • Switch to Code: Green for your carpet cleaning chemical. Code: Green was designed to be an all-in-one product.  Use as your pre-spray, extraction/rinse, and spot & stain remover.  One product does it all.  Code: Green is approved by the EPA through it’s “Safer Choice” program.  Not only is it a safer product to use for the environment & health, but being an “all-in-one” actually saves you time & money as well!  This is a simple action to take.  Plus, the cleaning results are great!


  • Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor: Still using a truck mount?  Not only is this a costly piece of equipment (maintenance & repair costs, gas costs, etc), but it is terrible for the environment.   Not only is it sucking gas & emitting CO2, but the customer’s heating & air loss because of the front door propped open is also energy inefficient.  The Eclipse was designed to give you truck mounted power but with the convenience & energy efficiency of a portable.  The Eclipse is available with 3 and 4 vacuum motor models to give you the power & results you expect.  Plus, you will see how marketing an environmentally preferable piece or equipment can help your image and grow your business!

Perhaps it is time to bring your company’s “environmental image” up to the 21st century?  Plus, the whole “healthy home” aspect can open up additional opportunities for business growth….. Services like better indoor air quality with Air Duct Cleaning.  Check out our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System.

If you have questions, or would like help giving your business a make-over, please give us a call.

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Spring into Action

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner.  If you are like many carpet cleaning business owners that have slow times in the winter, Spring is a welcome time to your business.  Are you ready to make the most of your Spring cleaning season?

What are your going to implement this year that is different than last?  Could you try some new marketing to help you increase sales?  Here are a couple marketing tips:

Have you added any additional services to your business?  Here are a couple service ideas:

Now is the time to start implementing ideas.   It is much harder to start implementing ideas when the busier season starts.  Take the time you have now to strategize for your business growth.

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Easy Path to Business Expansion

Hopefully, your carpet cleaning business has been growing over the years.  However, many small business owners reach a point where business growth is minimal.   You may be increasing revenue by a couple thousand a year.  This is OK.  However, many small business owners would jump at a chance to increase Revenue & Profit by many thousands of dollars a year, if it would be easy to do.

CleanCraft provides an easy way to make that JUMP in growth.  Simply diversify, and add Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning services to your business.  The SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System and our NETWORK makes it quick & easy to grow your business.

How quick & easy is it?  Well, cleaning air ducts & dryer vents with the SpinVax 1000XT is extremely simple.  It comes with a DVD that goes over the equipment and shows you the proper way to clean.  In fact, hundreds of companies with NO previous experience in air duct cleaning have purchased our equipment and successfully made the jump to adding this service to their business.  Plus, CleanCraft started a NETWORK back in 2016 that passes jobs to you (yes, you heard this right…. Not leads that you pay for, but actual paying JOBS!).  In fact, we guarantee we will pass you work to start making money right away.

With the knowledge, experience, and “hand-holding” you get from CleanCraft, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to increase sales and grow your business.  Please call us with questions.  We can further explain how the equipment & network works.  800-525-3261

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Collecting Email Addresses from Customers

One of the easiest & cheapest ways to increase communications with your customers is with email.  Obviously, this has to be used tactfully.  You don’t want to be blasting out emails every week, because this will just annoy the customer.  Emails can be used for company announcements, specials, and most importantly…. yearly follow-ups.

However, many carpet cleaning businesses do not collect a customer’s email address when scheduling appointments.  An easy way to collect this information is when gathering the customer’s name, address, and phone for the appointment scheduling, ask the customer for an email address that you can “send a confirmation email.”  Customer’s like confirmations.  Plus, now you have their email address!

As stated above, use the email address wisely.  If you are good at email, maybe you send them a “Thank you” email after the job.  If you do Google or Facebook ratings, maybe you send them an email asking the customer to leave “kind” comments on your Google or Facebook page.  A yearly reminder email with a coupon is also great.

Whatever you do, make sure you follow any laws & regulations regarding email communication campaigns.  You can Google this to find out more.

Email is not a substitute to customer mailings, but can be a cheap, easy way to increase customer communications and repeat business.   Couple this with mailings like Reminder Cards and a Carpet Cleaning Business Website, and you can create a more effective marketing communications plan for your business.

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