Reduce Taxes This Year and Grow Business Next Year

A great strategy to implement right now might be to purchase any equipment that you need in the next couple months BEFORE the end of the year.   Purchasing in 2022 can reduce the amount of taxes owed for fiscal year 2022.  Talk to your accountant, but most small equipment purchases can be fully written off the year purchased.  So, if you spent $4500 on equipment this year, your $100,000 income now shows $100,000 – $4500 = $95,500 income.  This means you are paying taxes on $95,500 instead of $100,000.   This could be a good chunk of money based on your income tax rate and how you are organized as a business.  Again, talk to your accountant or advisor to see how this can help you and your business.

Another benefit of purchasing the RIGHT equipment now is that you can start 2023 with additional services offered to your customers.  An example would be our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System.  If the economy is a little slower and your business is feeling it, why not do something that can grow your business without a large investment?  Take a look at our SpinVax 1000XT system.  It only takes about 10-12 jobs to make all your money back on the equipment.  Then, all jobs done after that are profit back to your business.  Profit that you would have never seen in 2023, if you didn’t offer this new service.

Bonus:  CleanCraft even offers a network to pass jobs to you, so you can start making $$$ right away.

Whether you need new equipment for current operations (ie. our Eclipse Extractor) or you purchase new equipment to expand your service offering (ie. SpinVax 1000XT), if you do it before the end of the year, you can enjoy more money in your pocket sooner and a better outlook for 2023.

Give us a call with any questions!

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Growing Your Business During an Uncertain Economy

Like many Americans, small business owners are feeling the pinches of the current economy.  Higher costs are making profitability growth harder to achieve.  Many professional carpet cleaning companies are raising their rates and even adding fuel surcharges to their work orders.  This is actually a very logical approach to the inflationary pressures we are seeing.  This can help offset some of the missing profits.  However, there is a limit to how much a small business owner can raise before they lose some of their customer base.

It may be time to think of other means of profitability growth.  What could you do to make more profits during an uncertain economic time?  One of smartest approaches is to offer new services.  Think about it.  Every job you do with one of these new service offerings is additional profit that your business would have NEVER seen, if you did not offer this new service.

With our experience, the BEST new service to offer for a carpet cleaning business is Air Duct & Dryer Vent cleaning.  Not only does it provide a great $/hr payback, but it fits right in with your current target market.  Some small business owners are hesitant to add it, because they think it is a whole different type of service.  However, in reality, it is not!  You already provide a cleaning service to your customers.  Air Duct & Dryer Vent cleaning is just another CLEANING SERVICE you can offer.  In fact, we would argue that it is easier to train a technician to clean air ducts & dryer vents than it is to clean carpet & upholstery.  Plus, it is much easier physically as well!

CleanCraft builds one of the most logical and affordable Air Duct & Dryer Vent cleaning systems on the market today.  If you have not seen our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System, perhaps it is now time to seriously consider.  Here are a few reasons to add this system to your carpet cleaning business:

  • Affordable:  Not only is the SpinVax 1000XT very affordable, but we also offer convenient payment plans (ie. our “Split-it” program).
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI):  Payback time on your small investment is almost immediate.  Think about it.  It only takes like 10 jobs to make all your money back!  In many cases (especially with our “Split-it” program), cash flow is immediate.  By the time you get your credit card statement to pay for the equipment (or 4-monthly “Split-it”), you probably already made all your money back with air duct cleaning jobs.
  • Logical & Better Process & Equipment:  Other systems rely on “cutting holes” or what seems like “Magic” to move the brush/vac hose combination through the ductwork.  Also, other systems cannot clean dryer vents without added equipment.  The SpinVax 1000XT system cleans both air ducts & dryer vents.  Also, the proprietary brush & cable system works logically to clean ductwork.  No cutting holes, and your customers logically understand how you are cleaning (see our online video which explains brush/cable process).  There is no “Magic” involved.  😊
  • Easy to Train & Start:  Air duct cleaning is really an easy art to learn.  Vacuum out entrance, push brush & vac hose down duct, Self-adjusting reverse sweeping brush brings dirt back to vacuum hose to suck away, and then fog sanitizer.  Hardly any BRAIN POWER to this!  No big training classes.  The SpinVax 1000XT comes with a DVD to show you how to use equipment & clean. 30min video and practice in your home, and you should be up and running with your new service in a few hours!
  • Guaranteed Jobs & Payback:  What??????  Yes, you heard that right.  CleanCraft even developed a Network to pass you jobs (not leads, but actual paying jobs).  We don’t just sell you equipment and say, “Good luck.”  We put our money where our mouth is!  We will market in your area and get you real jobs.  Details on our website.  Or, call to discuss this pretty cool Network.
  • New Profits:  Again, if you don’t offer air duct cleaning, how much extra money are you making from it?  The answer is $0.00.  You don’t offer it!!   If you start offering air duct cleaning, every air duct cleaning job you do is additional money to your business that you would have never seen if you didn’t offer it.
  • New Customers:   If you get an air duct cleaning job from a customer that you never serviced before, that new customer is now in your database.  A smart business owner would now try to sell this new customer carpet cleaning services as well.  So, this new Air Duct Cleaning service addition to your business actually produced more carpet cleaning for you too!

As you may know.  CleanCraft Products, Inc. is run by a family of professional cleaners.  Together, we have over 50 years of experience of running cleaning companies.  Over the last 5+ years, many of our carpet cleaning companies have seen more revenue in Air Duct Cleaning than Carpet Cleaning.  Yes, you read that correct.  A carpet cleaning business doing more $$$ in air duct cleaning than carpet cleaning.   It is a booming service.  If ever there was a time to add this service, let today’s economic uncertainty give you the push you need to add this service.

We would be happy to discuss the SpinVax 1000XT system and how it can benefit your business.  Check out our SpinVax 1000XT system online, and then give us a call to discuss.   800-525-3261.

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Gas Prices + Truck mounts = Lost Profits

We are in the midst of an economic change.  Inflation and gas prices are driving small businesses CRAZY.  It is hard to keep up with the constant increases in business expenses.  Whether it is the higher cost of parts for your equipment, increased labor costs, or the daily increase in gas prices, inflation is hitting the professional cleaning industry hard.

If you are a carpet cleaner still using a truck mount, you seriously need to start asking the question, “Why?”   Especially now.  Your company has to be feeling the effects of higher gas prices!  How long can you continue?  Many professional cleaners have been using truck mounts for years, and through conditioning, they have been telling themselves that my truck mount produces better results than the guys running portables.  Unfortunately, many truck mount operators throw all portable extractors into the same bucket.  However, this is not right.  It is like throwing all cars into the same category.   Perhaps, it is time to sit back and take an honest assessment of your equipment & costs.

The owners of CleanCraft Products, Inc. have been operating cleaning businesses for well over 50 years.  One of the best decisions made for business growth & savings was back when CleanCraft invented the Eclipse.  The owners had the foresight to know where the industry was headed.  However, they wanted a portable that could compete with the power and performance of a truck mount.  This gave birth to the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor

Over the years, many operators have switched from a truck mount to the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.  This could have been because of many reasons:  lower upfront costs, lower operating costs, more eco-friendly, more customer friendly, etc.  However, if anything can get you looking at the Eclipse, it could be the astronomical gas prices that we are looking at right now.  This alone could be costing your business many $1000’s this year alone.

We challenge you to see what the Eclipse has to offer.  Please visit our Eclipse webpage and watch the 15-min video about the Eclipse.  After watching, do an honest assessment of your business.  Most will see how the video makes sense, and switching to the Eclipse could be a lifeboat for your business in the changing economic times of today.

We would be happy to discuss the Eclipse and what this machine can offer your business.  Please, first watch our 15-min video at our Eclipse webpage, then give us a call at 800-525-3261 to discuss.  A smart business owner makes adjustments to grow their business even in midst of change.

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Grow Your Business for Free – CleanCraft Freebies

You have heard the phrase: “It takes money to make money.”   Well, that is true in many ways. However, CleanCraft has ways to help you grow your business without tons of money!

Are you taking advantage of all the freebies that CleanCraft has to offer you?  If not, you may want to look at some of these freebies to help you market, grow, and get some cash out of your business.

Free Online Commercial Usage:

If you own an Eclipse extractor and use our Code: Green, you are entitled to use our Online Video Commercial on your website – for free!   This 3min commercial will explain to your customers why they should choose you for their carpet & upholstery cleaning needs.  A video explains better than words.

Watch the video & get instructions on how you can add this video to your website here:  Online Video Commercial

For those of you that are not in the 21st century yet, and don’t have a website for your company, CleanCraft offers easy, affordable website building & hosting.  See here:  Build & Host Website

Passing you Air Duct Cleaning Jobs (Free to Join):

If you own the SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System, we offer a Network to pass you jobs.  It is FREE to join.  You just have to own the complete SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct Cleaning System and purchased it from us. These are NOT leads; they are actual scheduled jobs!!!   We take a commission on the jobs we pass you.  Since the commission is after the fact, and there is no fee to join, it is all extra $$$ for you.

If you don’t currently offer air duct cleaning, you may want to think about adding it.  It is one of the best investments and fastest growing cash cow to cleaning companies.  Check out our SpinVax 1000XT system.

Free Business Growth Ideas:

You don’t need to purchase a marketing guru package to learn how to grow your business.  We offer our Business Growth Series for free.   Check out this series here:  CleanCraft Business Growth Series

As you can see, CleanCraft not only has awesome equipment & products, but we have a ton of information & knowledge to help you grow your business.  Give us a call with any questions!

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Service Tech Home Entries During COVID-19

Many of our customers are small businesses that are uncertain if they can or should continue working and going into customers’ homes during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Some States have implemented “Stay-at-Home” executive orders.  What are you to do?  Obviously, if you are a business owner, it is up to you to make these decisions and follow executive orders in your State and any CDC recommendations.  However, with our experience, we have implemented a few policies for our own companies:

  • If a service tech is feeling sick or has a temp, they must not report to work until they have been well and fever free for at least 24 hours. If they have systems of COVID-19, they must follow guidance of the CDC and local authorities to determine if they should get tested.  If tested, they must wait for a negative test result before they can report back to work.


  • If a service tech has a household member that is sick with fever, the service tech should not report to work until the household member is feeling well and fever free for at least 24 hours. If the household member has systems of COVID-19, they must follow guidance of the CDC and local authorities to determine if they should get tested.  If tested, the service tech must wait for a negative test result of the household member before they can report back to work.  If the household member tests positive, the service tech must also get a negative COVID-19 test result and be well, before the service tech may report back to work.


  • All service techs are required to ask the customer before entering the house or establishment whether anyone in the customer’s household is feeling sick or unwell. If yes, it doesn’t matter if it is a cold, the flu, or whatever, the service tech is not allowed to enter and do the job.  They must reschedule.


Again, some States have issued “Stay-at-Home” executive orders.  We cannot speak for all States, however, many states have a clause defining “Essential Businesses,” and in many States, cleaning companies are considered an “Essential Business” and may continue to operate.  You will have to find out if this is the case for your State order.

We have implemented the above policies during this time of uncertainty.  Some may seem extreme.  However, we believe extra caution is necessary to protect the health & safety of our customers and employees.  There are multiple policies that can be enacted to help limit exposure for customers and employees.  To be honest, policies can even change based upon location and time.  So, be aware, educate yourself on the situation, and be prepared to change policies on a moments notice.

Here are a couple links to help you in your policy making decisions:

COVID-19 Awareness:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment:

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COVID-19 and Rethinking the Way You Clean

Because of COVID-19, many of our customers have found themselves in an understandably SLOWER time right now.  Many homeowners may not want a service tech entering their home over the next few weeks.  We feel for all the small businesses out there and hope for a quick return back to normality.

During this slower time, it may be a good time to “Rethink” the way you clean.  We believe that many people in this country are going to be more aware of the cleanliness of their surroundings after this pandemic clears.  Not only are they going to look at cleanliness, but also at HEALTH in its entirety.  Is your business taking steps to clean “healthier”?

Here are a couple items you may want to look at to portray a better, healthier, way of cleaning:

  • Cleaning Solutions: Are the cleaning products you use better & safer for your cleaning techs and customers?  Many companies still use harsh products.  Could a safer cleaning solution give your business a better option for your customers?  Take a look at our Code: Green All-in-One Cleaning Agent.   Not only will this product give better results, but it is approved by the EPA’s Safer Choice program.
  • Equipment: Is now a time to look at safer, greener cleaning equipment?   Is the truck mounted system a dinosaur in the industry?  For years, professional cleaners used truck mounts because of the power.  However, times and technology have changed.  Maybe it is time to look at a better option?  Take a look at our Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.   The Eclipse gives the power of a truck mount with the environmental & healthier home benefits of a portable.  Watch our 15-minute video on our Eclipse webpage.  You will see the difference!
  • Indoor Air Quality: Especially now where people are walking around with masks, air quality is a highly discussed topic.  In the months ahead, we see a huge opportunity for Air Duct Cleaning.  If you haven’t thought about adding Air Duct Cleaning to your business, now may be the time to start!  Take a look at our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System.  Not only does this equipment clean air ducts & dryer vents better & more efficient than other equipment, but we even have a “Network” to pass you jobs!  Check out the SpinVax and give us a call with questions.
  • Marketing your Healthier Cleaning Process: If you make the changes identified above, now you want to market these aspects of your business to your customers.  We can help with this as well.  Not only do we have great marketing products, but we even have an Online Video Commercial you can use when you purchase & use the Eclipse & Code: Green together on your carpet cleaning jobs.  Just one way of portraying your better & healthier cleaning process.

Now may be the time to start thinking of the future of your business.  CleanCraft is here to help!

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A Safer Choice in Cleaning Solutions

As a professional carpet cleaner, excellent results are at the top of the list for expectations of your cleaning solutions.  However, shouldn’t the health & safety of you, your employees, and your customers be on the top as well?

Today, many carpet cleaning chemicals out there are still pretty harsh.  Day in & day out, professional carpet cleaners are around chemicals.  More so than the average person!  Safety should always be a concern.  CleanCraft’s brand of chemicals follow guidelines for lower VOC (Volatile organic compounds) concentrations, safer pH levels, and reduced chemical confusion with multi-purpose products.  Plus, our Code: Green All-in-One Cleaning Agent goes above & beyond with the EPA’s awarded “Safer Choice Program.”

What does this EPA program mean?  The EPA looks at a product’s ingredients, performance, pH, and packaging to ensure the product is safer for people, the environment, and aquatic life.   Code: Green meets the qualifications of this program to offer these safer qualities.  Plus, Code: Green provides the EXCELLENT results you expect in a cleaning solution.

Code: Green is an “All-in-One” cleaning agent.  This means it can be used as your pre-spray, in-tank cleaning solution & rinse, and your spot & stain remover.  One product for everything!  This will cause less confusion and make training your techs easier; plus, it will save you time & money!  If you are looking to make your cleaning operations safer, cleaner, & faster, perhaps it is time to check out Code: Green.

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Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business

If you know CleanCraft’s history, you know that we are a family run company founded by carpet cleaners.  Our family has run carpet cleaning businesses for over 50 years.  With this experience, we have learned a thing or two…   We thought we would share strategies that have helped our businesses grow over the years.  So, we made our Business Growth Series.

CleanCraft’s Business Growth Series was put together to help entrepreneurs in the carpet cleaning industry grow their business. Whether you are a new startup or a seasoned veteran, this Business Growth Series will help your business expand! This series takes you through different topics, which gives ideas, tools, & products that can help your company increase sales and profits.

Check it out.  A great read that can help your business!

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Eclipse Benefits in Cold Winter

Wow, it is cold today.  The “Polar Vortex” is here.  Woke up to -53 degF wind chill this morning!   This reminded me how glad I am that all of our carpet cleaning businesses we own operate the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor instead of truck mounted units.

I can’t tell you how many carpet cleaning business owners I speak to that just live with the fact that they will not be cleaning too much carpet in the dead of winter.  They turn down jobs left and right, because it is too much effort “un-winterize” their truck mount for a quick carpet cleaning job.   The companies that are a little bigger pay a fortune in rent for a warehouse large enough to park all their company trucks in a temperature controlled area.

With the Eclipse, businesses have the luxury of just bringing the machine inside to keep warm.  Whether the business is an “owner-operator” that just brings it inside the home, or a larger company that has 15 units and can easily fit all 15 Eclipse units in a smaller temperature controlled area.  Either way, the convenience and costs saving are tremendous.

As a carpet cleaning business owner, perhaps it is time to look at the Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.  This machine gives the benefits of a portable with the power of a truck mount!

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Your own Online Video Commercial = Business Growth

You have probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, we are going to say that a video is worth a million!  People don’t have time to read now days…  Our history has shown us that a video can capture the attention of potential customers and help deliver a message that plain old words cannot portray.  However, it takes a lot of work and money to produce a good quality video.  What if CleanCraft can help you do this… for Free!

Online Video Commercial

CleanCraft has produced an online video commercial that you can use on your website to help sell carpet cleaning services.  This video is guaranteed* to help grow your business!  It was designed to show your potential customers why your company is the best choice for carpet cleaning services in your area.  It was developed to showcase your equipment, safer cleaning solutions, and technician quality & guarantee.  How is this showcased?  Simple, if you have purchased an Eclipse Extractor from us and use Code: Green, we already know that you provide better quality and safer cleaning than many others.  Thus, we want to reward you for these choices with a free video that you can use.  You can visit for more details and requirements that must be met to use the video.

If you do not have an Eclipse Extractor or use Code: Green on your cleaning jobs, check out the video and see why it makes sense to start.  Pretend you are a “homeowner” looking to get your carpets cleaned.  Does the video make sense?  Would it persuade you to choose the company that had this video on their website?  Be honest, and take your current cleaning equipment & chemicals out of the picture.  Most likely you will come to the conclusion that it makes good sense, and it would increase sales.  Perhaps it is time to start looking at the Eclipse Extractor and use of Code: Green?

This is just another example of how CleanCraft not only provides better equipment & cleaning solutions, but provides services to help your business grow!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We know this video will help grow your business, in fact, we guarantee* it!


Guarantee* – See for guarantee.

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