COVID-19 and Rethinking the Way You Clean

Because of COVID-19, many of our customers have found themselves in an understandably SLOWER time right now.  Many homeowners may not want a service tech entering their home over the next few weeks.  We feel for all the small businesses out there and hope for a quick return back to normality.

During this slower time, it may be a good time to “Rethink” the way you clean.  We believe that many people in this country are going to be more aware of the cleanliness of their surroundings after this pandemic clears.  Not only are they going to look at cleanliness, but also at HEALTH in its entirety.  Is your business taking steps to clean “healthier”?

Here are a couple items you may want to look at to portray a better, healthier, way of cleaning:

  • Cleaning Solutions: Are the cleaning products you use better & safer for your cleaning techs and customers?  Many companies still use harsh products.  Could a safer cleaning solution give your business a better option for your customers?  Take a look at our Code: Green All-in-One Cleaning Agent.   Not only will this product give better results, but it is approved by the EPA’s Safer Choice program.
  • Equipment: Is now a time to look at safer, greener cleaning equipment?   Is the truck mounted system a dinosaur in the industry?  For years, professional cleaners used truck mounts because of the power.  However, times and technology have changed.  Maybe it is time to look at a better option?  Take a look at our Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor.   The Eclipse gives the power of a truck mount with the environmental & healthier home benefits of a portable.  Watch our 15-minute video on our Eclipse webpage.  You will see the difference!
  • Indoor Air Quality: Especially now where people are walking around with masks, air quality is a highly discussed topic.  In the months ahead, we see a huge opportunity for Air Duct Cleaning.  If you haven’t thought about adding Air Duct Cleaning to your business, now may be the time to start!  Take a look at our SpinVax 1000XT Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System.  Not only does this equipment clean air ducts & dryer vents better & more efficient than other equipment, but we even have a “Network” to pass you jobs!  Check out the SpinVax and give us a call with questions.
  • Marketing your Healthier Cleaning Process: If you make the changes identified above, now you want to market these aspects of your business to your customers.  We can help with this as well.  Not only do we have great marketing products, but we even have an Online Video Commercial you can use when you purchase & use the Eclipse & Code: Green together on your carpet cleaning jobs.  Just one way of portraying your better & healthier cleaning process.

Now may be the time to start thinking of the future of your business.  CleanCraft is here to help!

About CleanCraft

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing professional cleaners the highest quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, supplies, and information. Owned & operated by professional carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaners!
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