Upgraded Eclipse in 2018

Earlier in 2018, CleanCraft implemented improvements on the Eclipse.  Just like a car, every few years improvements are made.   However, in 2018, we made some big improvements to the Eclipse extractor.  The new versions of the Eclipse are shipping now, but you may not see the new webpage and online video until sometime in September.

Here are a couple NEW features the Eclipse has in 2018:

  • Taller Base for easier slide in/out of tray – Maintenance is even easier on this machine!
  • 4-Fan Forced Venting System – Keeps the inside cooler for better performance
  • Improved Rear Wheels – We know portables take a beating over the years. We have gone to a heavy-duty, non-marking wheel that provides better stability, mobility, and huge capacity to prevent any kind of breakage.
  • Quick Exchange Parts – All internal components where made for quick exchange. Whether it is male/female terminals at each electric point for easy disconnect without cutting wires, new & improved vacuum motor mounts, or easier access to internal parts the Eclipse has become the easiest portable to maintain!
  • Wand Improvement – The Eclipse is sold with a Stainless Steel, S-Bend Wand that contains 2 Tee Jets with Filters. The filters make it easy to clean and less likely to clog jets.
  • Eclipse Rapid Connect Auto’s – Rather than building the Auto Fill, Chemical Feed, and Auto Dump options into the Eclipse, we now sell them after market.  Meaning, you can decide you want them later, and easily snap them right onto the Eclipse.  How cool is this!

Obviously, the Eclipse includes all the other great features you love:

  • Power – 3 & 4 vacuum motor models
  • Dual Heater available – Gives you flexibility on poorly wired homes
  • Pump Options – 220psi or our most popular 500psi adjustable pump
  • Back Placement of Hoses – Easy access
  • Switches on Handle – Easy access
  • Circuit Indicator Light – Let’s you know you are on separate circuits.
  • Dump Hose vs. Lift Gate – Hose prevents leaks and provides better seal
  • Pump Float Switch – Automatically shuts off the pump when out of water
  • Drop-in Dry Filter – Allows dry vacuuming with Eclipse
  • ReRoute By-Pass Technology – The only extractor to have this technology.  Used with the By-Pass Pump Box, it is like having a backup system built inside!
  • & lots more…

If you have been in the hunt for the best extractor, the Eclipse just made the best even better!

About CleanCraft

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing professional cleaners the highest quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, supplies, and information. Owned & operated by professional carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaners!
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