The New Generation of Customers

Technology is changing the way customers look for information and services.  This easy access to information has driven customers to be more health conscious than ever before.   Many web searches are done by people in your service area each and every day.   Professional carpet cleaners can capitalize on the health conscious web searches by providing customers with a wide array of healthier home services.

Carpet cleaning companies that advertise multiple different services on their website can “bring in” more customers by capturing these key word searches.  For example, if your company only offers carpet cleaning, you are missing web searches for tile & grout cleaning.  By offering more add-on services, you are capturing a bigger search market on the web.

Customers are looking for a healthier indoor environment.  Whether that means cleaner carpet, furniture, hard surface flooring, air quality, etc., it is beneficial for your business to capture these customer needs.  The fastest growing need for many of these customers is air duct cleaning.   Carpet cleaning business owners are amazed at how many people search for air duct cleaners in their service area.  Offering this great add-on service and marketing it on your website can help bring in these customer web searches.  The ultimate result is increased revenue from both air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning, as many of these customers want both services done.

CleanCraft has helped many professional carpet cleaners get into air duct cleaning.  Some of our customers report that 20% – 40% of their profits are now air duct & dryer vent cleaning.  Wow!

The internet has created a new generation of customers.  They search for companies that can offer everything they want.  The business world is changing quickly.  As business owners, we must take the necessary steps to stay in front.

Looking to get into air duct cleaning?  Check out the SpinVax 1000XT Professional Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System.

About CleanCraft

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing professional cleaners the highest quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, supplies, and information. Owned & operated by professional carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaners!
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