Buy Stock in your Business and Gain Returns

Think of your business as part of the stock market.  Millions of people invest in the stock market every year.  Some investors leave it up to chance and just invest in random companies, which could go up or down in stock value.  However, good investors research and invest in companies that will use the money to expand their markets by diversifying into products & services the market needs.  Investing in a business with creative ideas and willing to expand to meet customer needs will increase the odds of a higher return.

The carpet cleaning industry is a mini-stock market.  If you own a carpet cleaning business, you can “invest” in your company by choosing a diversification strategy that meets the needs of the marketplace and creates new customers and profits.  In our 46 years in the industry, we can say with great certainty that air duct & dryer vent cleaning is an extremely profitable expansion service.  Why is this?  Air duct cleaning is one service your customers will not try to do on their own.  In fact, rental equipment for air duct cleaning is almost impossible to find.

Your investment in air duct & dryer vent cleaning services will payback dividends (your yearly profits in this new service) and an increase in stock value by adding a larger customer base.

CleanCraft Products, Inc. & CWS-Direct sell two of the most popular and successful air duct & dryer vent cleaning systems on the market today:  SpinVax 1000XT and SpinDuct.  We have helped many carpet cleaning companies “invest” in their business by expanding into air duct & dryer vent cleaning.  These systems use the newest technology to make it easier, more affordable, and more profitable than ever before to diversify into air duct & dryer vent cleaning.  We are here to help.  Give us a call to learn more on how you can diversify and win the “stock market” of your business.

About CleanCraft

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing professional cleaners the highest quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, supplies, and information. Owned & operated by professional carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaners!
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