Back to School Can Mean Back to Work

With past experience and speaking with many professional cleaners, it seems like work slows down right before the kids go back to school.  Moms’ minds are focused on their kids and what they need for school versus carpet cleaning.  However, this little slow down is quick & temporary; so, it may be a good time to implement a “Back to School” special.  As kids go back to school, life becomes a little more ordinary for the household.  Now, is the time to hit them with marketing.

The summer months can do some damage to the carpets:  kids in & out of the house all day long, play dates, sports & dirty shoes, etc.  Now that the kids are back to school, give your customers a special and market it around the “Back to School” theme.  Since many moms are already in the “Back to School” zone, why not capitalize on the already established theme.  Plus, it differentiates from your other marketing and specials throughout the year.  Facebook is also a great place to advertise this themed special.  Think of a great little blurb about back to school and link to a special.  It is amazing how many moms will “like” it and share with others.

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