Grow Your Business using Someone Else’s Money

Part of any business owner’s responsibility should be a strategy of how to grow your business.   The business owners that sit back and are content with staying the same and have no future growth strategy usually regret the decision a few years down the road as market conditions change.   Unfortunately, most strategies for growth include some $$$ investment today.   However, there are ways to use other people’s money to grow your business today!

Some people look at financing equipment as evil.  Some business owners wait to buy equipment until they have saved the proper amount to make the purchase in full.  This is fine if you will have the money very shortly, or you are not disciplined in financial responsibility.  However, if you have to wait a year to save the cash to purchase equipment that can help you grow your business today, you just wasted a year of increased revenues and business growth!   Just think of the amount of money you lost because you couldn’t provide the new services to your customers, because you were waiting to get the cash before you purchased the equipment.  An example of this would be adding Air Duct Cleaning Services or Tile & Grout Cleaning Services to your carpet cleaning business.  What if you could have made an extra $20,000 in these services during the one year time frame you spent trying to come up with the cash to purchase the equipment?

If you have good credit, a better way to handle the situation could have been to finance the equipment to start making increased revenues today.  So what if you have to pay a small amount of interest financing the equipment versus waiting until you had the money to purchase outright.  Most people would rather have $20,000 in increased yearly revenues with a $300 interest payment versus waiting for a year and paying $0.00 in interest and missing out on $20,000 in revenue!

If you are looking to add services to your business, CleanCraft has a low-cost method of financing called the “Baker’s Dozen” deal.  We have worked with a finance company to keep interest low and finish paying off your equipment in one year.  It is simple.  Take the total amount and divide by 12.  This equals your monthly payment.  You put 1st & Last month payment upfront and have 11 remaining payments.  So, you end up paying 1 extra month (this is your interest) plus a small doc fee.  This is a cheap and easy way to grow your business with someone else’s money!   (Obviously, you must qualify and some conditions apply).

If you are looking to expand your business with Air Duct Cleaning (See our SpinVax Air Duct Cleaning System) or Tile & Grout Cleaning equipment, give us a call.  We would be happy to explain the financing process and how it can benefit your company.


About CleanCraft

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing professional cleaners the highest quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, supplies, and information. Owned & operated by professional carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaners!
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