The Cheapest-Easiest-Simplest Business Add-on Opportunity for Carpet Cleaners

Over 99% of professional carpet cleaning companies do NOT offer this service.   What is it?  Lamp shade cleaning!  In fact, lamp shades are the most overlooked piece of furnishing in homes, offices, and commercial buildings.  You are a professional cleaner…. Look around your own home and inspect your lamp shades.  What do you see?  Dusty and discolored shades.  On your next cleaning job, look at your customer’s lampshades.  I’ll bet you will see the same dusty and discolored shades.

Lamp shade cleaning is basically the easiest cleaning task you will ever perform!  Involved in the cleaning industry for 45 years, I couldn’t even estimate how many lamp shades we have cleaned.  When we inform our customers (in our cleaning business) how we also specialize in lamp shade cleaning, they act shocked.  People didn’t even think or realize that lamp shades could be cleaned.  Plus, they can be cleaned safely with guaranteed no shrinkage or fabric distortion.

Perhaps, lamp shade cleaning might be the perfect business opportunity to challenge your cleaning expertise.  Just think, for under $50.00, you have a new business add-on service that can create thousands of extra dollars in profit per year.  The average lamp shade takes less then 3-4 minutes to clean.  Pricing cleaning will range from $5.00 to $15.00 per lamp shade (depending on size).

What do I need to clean lamp shades?

A)     One gallon of DryMax.  This is a superior dry cleaning & multi-task cleaner.  Not only is this product a mistake-free dry cleaner, but it is also a great spot & stain remover.  This solvent product removes caked on grease, oil, tar, wax, gum, make-up, glue, adhesives, paint, ink, and the list goes on….   See Here: DryMax

B)     Dusting Brush Attachment.   This brush will allow easy removal of dust and dirt.  See Here: Dusting Brush

C)     Microfiber Towels.  These towels will help absorb the dirt the DryMax loosens up.  See Here:  Microfiber Towels

D)     One Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle.  See Here:  PowerBlaster Spray Bottle

How do I clean lamp shades?

1)      Remove the lamp shade from the lamp.

2)      Vacuum the lamp shade with your dusting brush (inside and out).

3)      Use a microfiber towel and light buff the shade to remove and attract any dust your vacuum might of missed.

4)      Spray DryMax (straight – do not add water) on the shade (inside and out).  Don’t worry about over-spraying the shade, because you can’t make a mistake with this product.

5)      Take a clean microfiber towel and lightly buff the shade inside and out.

6)      Vacuum the shade again with your dusting brush.

7)      Place the shade back onto the lamp.  The shade will be dry in seconds.

Why clean lamp shades?

Lamp shades are costly to replace.  In fact, it is very difficult for your customers to find a lamp shade that will match their existing lampshades and décor.  Just think how many lamp shades you have seen in your customers’ homes and businesses all the years you have been in business.  Wow!  That is a lot of profit that could have been in your pocket!

Special Holiday Offer

With the busy holiday cleaning time approaching, this is the perfect time to add lamp shade cleaning to your business offering.  See how much extra profit you can add to your business before the year end!  Starting now until December 21st, 2012, CleanCraft will be more than happy to help you along on this new add-on. Buy a 4-gallon case of DryMax, and we will throw in a FREE Dry Cleaning Brush Attachment and 3 Microfiber 16”x16” towels.  You must use coupon code: lampshade at time of order.  (Limited time offer, one time coupon).

Once you try dry cleaning lamp shades with DryMax, you will definitely wand to try the many multi-task uses it offers your business, such as:  Drapery cleaning, window treatments, dry clean only furniture, throw pillows, all types of delicate fabrics, and spotting & stain removal.

I honestly think this will be a fantastic business opportunity you will enjoy and love that extra profit that it will create!


About CleanCraft

CleanCraft Products, Inc. is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing professional cleaners the highest quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, supplies, and information. Owned & operated by professional carpet cleaners for professional carpet cleaners!
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