Save a Life with Dryer Vent Cleaning

One of the fastest growing business opportunities besides air duct cleaning is dryer vent cleaning.  Fire departments in many cities, towns, and communities are recommending homeowners have their dryer vents cleaned every year.  The amount of dryer vent fires are rising every year.  Not only do these fires create enormous damage, but sadly, they have also caused many deaths.

Today, many dryer vent ducts range from 12 – 35ft in length.  Most dryers only have enough exhaust power to force lint 5 – 8ft through the vent ducts.  Dryers throw off high heat through the vent.  This heat along with the wet clothes produces high humidity.  This humidity (moisture) is absorbed into the lint that settles in the ductwork.  This lint now begins to stick together to create a balling effect.  This balling effect creates a blockage.  Once a blockage occurs in the vent duct, a back-up effect occurs forcing lint back to the dryer.  This is the major cause of dryer fires.  Usually, when clogging occurs, dryers will take 2 – 4 times longer to dry clothes.  This can also cause damage to the dryer and raise utility bills.

If you are looking to challenge yourself to create new business opportunities, we recommend dryer vent cleaning.  This service has enormous profit potential.  Not only will this service add many more new customers, but will offer more repeat and referral work.  Dryer vent cleaning customers will also be interested in your main services.  Any way you look at it, dryer vent cleaning adds more revenue to your business.

Dryer vent cleaning is a simple operation to perform.  Not only is it profitable, but you may be saving your customers money, damage to their home, and maybe even their life!

We at CleanCraft are here to explain everything you need to know about dryer vent cleaning.  If you have interest, first check out our SpinVax 1000 Air Duct Cleaning System.  This system not only cleans air ducts, but also cleans dryer vents.  Then, give us a call to answer any questions you may have.


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  1. A Dryer Vent Cleaning cost about $100-$150 depending on the length. A small investment to prevent your house from burning down!

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